Massage Therapy
Unlike commercial drugs, massage is one of the most natural ways to treat and restore the body back to it's natural state. It strengthens joints, relaxes and distress muscles and calms the body from every day stress with out chemical break down. Massage reduces pain associated with disease and post surgery swelling. Massage also increases the range of motion and flexibility. These are just some of the many benefits of a massage treatment, it is far more than just luxury. It's a natural medicine without the harsh chemicals. If you haven't already, make an appointment now, your body will love you for it!!!!!!

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"Bella" Swedish Massage                                                      
Swedish Massage contains long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements 
on the superficial layers of the muscles. This massage is very gentle and relaxing, 
and it also improves circulation of the skin and muscles. It has been known to lower 
blood pressure, reduce stress and improve one's overall health.

"Bella" Therapeutic Massage
This Massage technique uses similar strokes as the Swedish Massage while 
applying more moderate pressure for relaxation.

"Bella" Deep Tissue  Massage                                                                                                       
Deep Tissue Massage targets the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue.
Slow strikes or friction techniques across the muscle are used to alleviate hypertension 
in stiff sore muscles such as neck, back and shoulders.

"Bella" Hot Stone Massage                                                  
Heated lava stones are oiled and placed on certain points of the body to warm, 
penetrate and loosen tight muscles as well as balance energy.

"Bella" Prenatal Massage                                                        
Pregnancy Massage is used to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches & pains, 
reduce anxiety, and depression. (Must be past 1st trimester & before 35 weeks)

*15 minute add on to any massage $20.00

*We offer 90 minute massages for pricing.

Half Hour: $44.00 and up...       Full Hour: $69.00  and up... 
Half Hour: $49.00  and up...      Full Hour: $74.00  and up...
Half Hour: $44.00  and up...       Full Hour: $79.00 and up...
Half Hour: $59.00 and up...        Full Hour: $84.00 and up...
Half Hour: $44.00  and up...       Full Hour: $69.00 and up...
525 South Red Haven Lane, Dover, DE 19901 (Long Acre Village)     302-883-2597

Tamara Purnell
Level 2 
Massage Therapist